Okay. I’ll admit it- I was a little worried about starting All The Bright Places with my mind pre-blown, because of all the glowing reviews this book has received.

But my doubts proved to be trivial. I firmly believe that everyone experiences the same book in their own different ways, shaped by their personal opinions and philosophies. So here are 10 things that caught my eye when I read All The Bright Places

  • Theodore Finch is one of the most anomalous, beautiful and scarred characters I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting (in a book). It was wholly refreshing for me to read about an unconventional male lead. *fangirling*
  • Violet Markey seems like an average girl-next door, but you know what? Her thoughts, fears and aspirations, marred by the cruel hand life has dealt her, will connect with perhaps every young adult who reads her story.
  • Together, Violet and Finch harmonize their different tunes to make one melodious song. I love how Finch makes Violet live again, how he takes care of her throughout the book and How Violet began loving him for who he was.
  • I LOVED all the different aspects of the book, how it made me chuckle and laugh and then bawl my eyes out. Such stories really inspire me – to write, to be kinder, to give second chances, and to believe in true love- no matter how short.
  • If I was a rainbow, then reading this story made me experience all the seven colours I knew I had and then some more -infrared and ultraviolet.
  • One thing I found myself wanting was more dialogue, especially between Finch and Violet. I would have loved to hear them banter a little bit more.
  • PS: I’ll definitely use the word ‘lovely’ more often now.


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